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Who are we?
We are three friends who love cooking, photography, and each other's company. We started this blog when we all lived in the same building in downtown Toronto and spent a considerable amount of time in each other's kitchens. Since then, one of us moved out west and is discovering the glamour of weekly business travel and two of us bought a fixer-upper and are planning a dream kitchen reno. 

Though each of us has taken the odd cooking class here and there, none of us has any formal training or professional cooking experience. By day, we dabble in medical sales, green building, and online media. By night and on the weekends we scour the farmer's markets for exciting new ingredients, don our aprons and onion goggles, and whip up (mostly) delicious concoctions in the kitchen. 

Why are we doing this?
All three of us love to cook, eat, and share our experiences with each other, our friends, and our families.  This blog gives us a excuse to to do so more often.  It's also a great way to avoid falling into a rut of grilled cheese or cereal for every meal, something we have each been guilty of when life gets a little too crazy

How do we do this?
We get inspiration from a number of sources including cook books, our favourite restaurants, our travels, and other  blogs and websites that we follow.  Most of our cooking is done in our own kitchens which are well appointed but not particularly high tech.  We don't have industrial ranges, deep fryers, tri-vection ovens or regular access to liquid nitrogen.  Pretty much anything we do can be replicated in your average home kitchen, with a few special tools or tricks here and there. 

Do we love getting email?
Yes, we do! Email us your questions or comments at oniongogs (at) gmail (dot) com.


  1. Hi there- I have nominated you folks for the Versatile Blogger award because I enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Thank you so much Heather. We are all extremely flattered. We often wonder if anyone finds them informative, funny or delicious. Please let us know if you have one of your own as we love e-meeting other bloggers and getting inspired by them.

      Adam, Taryn and Alana