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Monday, 26 December 2011

Chili hot chocolate

Wikipedia informs me that the Aztecs drank cocoa with vanilla and chili pepper. When the Europeans came along, they couldn't handle the heat and bitterness so they added sugar, milk, and removed the chili.  They called their version Ovaltine, despite the fact that the mug and jar are both round.  Adam and I have settled on something in between. We experimented a bit to determine the best way to incorporate the spice from the chili and found that simmering the pepper in milk yields just enough heat without knocking you off your chair.  The amount and sweetness of chocolate is really up to you, I prefer a combination of milk and dark chocolate. For a grown up version, add a dash of Grand Marnier or Triple Sec. You're welcome.

3 cups milk
1 red chili pepper
4-6 oz chocolate (or as much or little as you like)

Slice the chili lengthwise and remove the seeds. Warm the milk in a pot over medium-low heat to prevent scalding. Add the chili and simmer very gently for about 5 minutes until the milk tastes slightly spicy. Reduce the heat to low. In a separate pan or double boiler, melt the chocolate over low heat. Once melted, gradually add the hot milk while whisking.  If you do it the other way around (adding chocolate to the milk) the chocolate doesn't seem to incorporate completely. Pour into a mug and serve.


  1. yummy

  2. Hi there, Melissa here from Food Bloggers of Canada. Just popping by to check out your blog and let you know we've added you to our Membership Directory. Welcome aboard! I always put chili (and a touch of cinnamon) in my hot cocoa - it's delicious!